A Rise and Fall

The rise and fall of Kanye West are an interesting case of all that is right, and all that is wrong with capitalism. On the one hand it shows that capitalism has the potentially dangerous tendency to allow people to be successful not based on merit but based on who can shout the loudest. It also shows the dangers of giving a microphone to the loudest person in the room, even when that person is so obviously ill informed. While his initial rise as a musician may have been a reflection of what is possible through talent, his current stardom also seems to be a reflection of a global society that has become corrupted by an obsession with fame. Fame has become the new currency. Famous people are our new prophets or messiahs in a world that has lost sight of what is truly important in life.

His fall is a reflection of a recalibration of truth over misinformation. It is a comforting reminder that the world will not accept any form of antisemitism, or any form of prejudice for that matter. As the decades pass, newer generations may become less aware of the atrocities committed against Jewish people over many centuries. False, antisemitic accusations by any person need to be taken seriously, even if that person is deranged, and need to be quashed for history to never repeat itself. All humans have a duty to create an environment in which Jewish people around the world never have to live in fear of persecution again.

In a world in which there is no such thing as bad publicity, I fear that Mr. West’s fall may provide him with the publicity he needs to rise again. Humanity has a moral obligation to make sure that this does not happen.

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