Below is a list of the main companies of my family and myself that I am associated with, their industry focus, and my role with them:

Company NameIndustry Role
Abdulla Yousif Fakhro GroupConglomerateShareholder & Director of Parent Company, Subsidiaries, and Associates
YK Almoayyed & SonsConglomerateShareholder & Director of Parent Company, Subsidiaries, and Associates
Adel Fakhro & SonsTrading, Property, InvestmentsVice Chairman and Shareholder
Mona Almoayyed InvestmentsProperty, InvestmentsDirector & Shareholder
Lotus Investment CompanyProperty, ServicesDirector
Leland GroupRetail, Genomics, AutomationOwner
Odyssey GroupMining, FarmingOwner
SunCity VenturesFood & BeverageChairman & Shareholder
Del Mar GroupProperty Development, Real EstateOwner
Fakhro IndustriesIndustrialOwner
Cosmos GroupSpace, SpacetechOwner
Infinite LoopFamily Office
Chairman & Owner
Phoenix Rising GroupEnvironmentalOwner
MBA FakhroFinancial ServicesOwner
Go International
Car Rental
Director – Business Development
Cardinal GroupInnovationsOwner
The Very Small GroupNanotech, CRISPR, MicrochipsOwner
Mirage GroupRoboticsOwner
MAR FakhroEquity InvestmentsOwner