With my parents on the day of my graduation from university in 2000

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, with Honors, fromĀ Stanford.

Stanford is one of the hardest universities in the world to be admitted to as an undergraduate. It has an undergraduate acceptance rate of approximately 5% for US applicants and, by some estimates, an undergraduate acceptance rate as low as 0.5% for International applicants. I graduated in the year 2000, and became the first Bahraini ever to have attained an undergraduate degree from Stanford.

I feel very fortunate to have been admitted to, and to remain associated with, such an outstanding academic institution. “Going there” was a dream that I had many years ago in high school and one that I achieved fully. This helped to reinforce my strong self-belief system. It made me truly believe, that I could achieve anything, both personally and professionally, if I really put my mind, my heart, and my soul into it.