Fakhro Industries

Business Name: Fakhro Industries

Year Founded: 2022

Ownership: I currently own 100% of Fakhro Industries


Business Overview: Fakhro Industries aims to be an industrial company for the future.

Areas of interest include:

1) Brain Chip Interface: This is an emerging field. We expect that humans will choose to implant chips in their brains in order to interact more effectively with their environment. We aim to work towards creating the technology to manufacture the chips.

2) Quantum Computing: Quantum computing is expected to provide the next wave of improvement in processing speeds. We aspire to be at the forefront of this industry by developing the hardware and software to make it a reality.

3) 3D Printers In Construction: We believe that the construction process will grow increasingly automized going forward. We aim to manufacture the equipment that will enable automation, and to sell those products to contractors. We see India as a ideal market for a factory to manufacture this equipment

4) Petrochemicals: Advances in chemical engineering are making it possible to do more and more with oil-based products. We feel there is an opportunity to form a petrochemicals factory to take advantage of these advances.